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  • What is the Cash Discount Program
    The Cash Discount Program was developed as exclusive (patented) technology, which eliminates all or a major portion of total card payment processing costs. The payment software for the Cash Discount Program is designed to encourage customers to pay by cash. A small service charge (either a fixed amount or percentage) is included with store sales. A discount is automatically applied when customers pay with cash. No discount is given when paying by debit card or credit card. The patented software automatically determines all discounts and actions based on payment type.
  • Isn't this the same as a surcharge?
    No, the Cash Discount program is not a surcharge program. A surcharge is only applied when the customer pays by credit card, increasing the cost of goods or services. As part of the Durbin Amendment (part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law), businesses are permitted to offer a discount to customers as an incentive to encourage payment by alternative methods other than a credit cards. More information can be found on the Federal Trade Commission Website at
  • Who pays the credit card processing fees?
    We do! Service Fees collected are applied to offset the costs associated with credit card processing. Merchants can download monthly statements showing transaction details.
  • What if I have my own credit card processing terminal?
    Because of the patented technology our payment systems are required for the Cash Discount Program. Merchants may choose from countertop and wireless terminals, Complete POS Systems or the Impress Pay Gateway and Virtual Terminal.
  • Do you offer a complete Point of Sale System?
    Yes! Our complete POS Solutions offer powerful software that includes the cash discount program, inventory control, employee timekeeping, robust sales reporting, customer tracking, loyalty programs, 24/7 support and more.
  • What if I decide I want to go back to my old program?
    That's okay! Our 30-day free trial gives you the opportunity to try the program with absolutely no obligation!
  • I have an online store, does my business qualify?"
    Yes! Brick and Mortar and E-Commerce merchants qualify for the Cash Discount Program.
  • How soon can I get started saving money?
    Contact our specialists at 855-600-2437 to begin the application process. You can expect to start saving money in as little as one business day.


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